'Midnight, Texas' Killed off Major Character in Friday Night's Episode

One of the original characters on Midnight, Texas was brought back in Friday night's episode, "No More Mr. Nice Kai," for the first time since the season two premiere, only to be killed off by the end of the episode.

Creek Lovell, played by Sarah Ramos (American Dreams), was last seen in the season two premiere, "Head Games," before this week's episode. According to TVLine, Creek showed up in town after she got a voicemail from ex-boyfriend Manfred Bernardo (Francois Arnaud), who said he needs her back.

However, it was discovered that Manfred was not the one who left the message, so when she arrives, Manfred is in the middle of a make-out session with Patience Lucero (Jamie Ray Newman). There was actually a demigod playing tricks on the Midnighters.

Manfred also decided to investigate Kai Lucero (Nestor Carbonell), who Manfred is convinced is using the powers he steals from supernatural beings for some nefarious purpose. While he investigated, Creek had to keep Patience distracted, which did not go that well. Patience left Creek in a treatment room alone and it is not until much later that everyone else realized she was missing.

Manfred called Creek's phone and left a voicemail, which ended with "I love you," proving he still had feelings for her. Then, he heard Creek calling him outside, which gives him a reason to believe she did not leave Midnight yet.

When Manfred opened his front door, he saw the ghost of Creek, confirming she was dead. She apologized, and told him she still loved him as well. She also tried to tell Manfred who killed her, but then flames begin spreading and her ghost disappears. After the flames die down, we see that Creek is gone forever.

Fans at home were not very happy with Creek's sudden death, even if she was not their favorite character.

"The ending was telegraphed just due to the type of show it is but I'll be damned if it still didn't toss me back! Wonder why Manfred didn't even try to ingest Creek. I think that would have been more impactful if he tried and she just vanished," one fan complained.

"Damn i feel bad for creek cause she got out of midnight just to come back and die," added another.

"This episode of #MidnightTexas left me breathless and in tears. After so many twists and turns why Creek at the end? She deserves better!!! Please bring her back between the living ones at this or next season," another fan wrote.

There are only four episodes left of Midnight, Texas' sophomore season.


The next episode, "Resting Witch Face," airs on Friday, Dec. 14 at 8 p.m. ET. According to the official episode description from NBC, Manfred vows revenge, while Joe Strong (Jason Lewis) fights a former ally to save his husband. Fiji Cavanaugh (Parisa Fitz-Henley) gets stuck on a train and Kai gives Patience a surprising ultimatum.

Photo credit: NBC