Matt Lauer Reportedly Sexted NBC Intern, Photo Proof Led to Firing

A new report details why exactly Matt Lauer was fired from NBC amid a flurry of allegations and reactions.

Page Six spoke with sources claiming the firing was directly tied to Lauer's inappropriate conduct at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. He apparently sent one of the network's female interns inappropriate images and texts, which were saved.

The messages apparently "showed incontrovertible proof of inappropriate sexual behavior on his part."

"There's at least one picture [sent to her by Matt] which was a major part of the evidence, which is why the firing came so quickly," a source told the outlet. "My understanding was it was so damning that it was unquestionable whether or not he should be fired."

They added, "I think everyone was a bit surprised how quickly this all turned around. No one expected his termination to happen that quickly. I believe the silver bullet was the photo and that was so damning that they had no other option but to fire him.


Another reported reason NBC moved so quickly was that they feared the woman, who is now a junior production worker for the network, would go to a rival network to make her account and messages public.

The source also added that when he was fired, Lauer "took the news well once he realized he was in a corner" and was "very apologetic."