Major 'Modern Family' Character Is Pregnant

Modern Family does not seem to be slowing down with the plot twists, as Haley Dunphy was revealed to be expecting her first child in the latest episode.

During the episode, titled "Did the Chicken Cross the Road," the Dunphys prepare for a family interview for Alex's possible prestigious job after college.

The interviewer asks Haley what she thinks about her sister, and Haley says how Alex inspired her to take the big step at the age of 21 of moving from the room they shared to the basement. Luke and the rest of the family make Haley realize that she does need to grow up.

Later, she calls Dylan and they are changing their plans to go to the circus in exchange for a more mature date at the theater. The couple debate about whether they would actually have fun at the play, but they decide to go to the carnival next door justifying that they'd be the most mature people there.

After Alex reveals that she got the job, Haley and Dylan are seen having fun in the bumpy cars. After he crashes the car on Haley's and she accidentally jams a lipstick up her nose, Haley ends up in the emergency room where she finds out the news.

"You're pregnant," the nurse says leaving Haley and Dylan in shock.

Ahead of the new episode, Sarah Hyland previewed the new episode showing a series of photos from the episode and saying it would be a "BUMPY ride."

"Buckle up for tonight's brand new episode of [Modern Family] guys. It's gonna be a BUMPY ride!" she wrote on the caption, further boosting speculation of a pregnancy reveal.

The plot twist did not come as a complete surprise, as the show seemed to hint at the possibility of the eldest Dunphy child being pregnant with how she dealt with the death of DeDe in a previous episode.

Haley coped with the tragic plot twist during the Halloween episode by losing it and eating everything she could find, one of the ways grief manifests in people.

The moment made fans of the ABC family comedy speculate whether Haley might be expecting, especially since she had recently rekindled her relationship with Dylan following a love triangle with him and her previous boyfriend Arvin.

Following the death of DeDe episode, Hyland teased the rest of season 10, claiming that there were bigger shocks coming for her character.

"I was a shock, that's for sure," the actress told press at the time. "There's a lot happening with Haley, but I can't say."


Modern Family airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.