How to Watch ‘The Office’ for Free on Peacock

Fans of The Office will be thrilled to hear that all nine seasons of the beloved sitcom are [...]

Fans of The Office will be thrilled to hear that all nine seasons of the beloved sitcom are streaming for free on Peacock right now. However, there is a catch, as they will not be available forever. Variety reports that the new streaming service has made the entire series free to everyone for one week, from March 18 until March 24. The timing of the free promotion coincides with the 16th anniversary of The Office, which premiered on March 24, 2005.

For years, The Office was available to stream on Netflix, but NBCU got the streaming rights back in 2019 and moved the show to Peacock in early 2021. More than 15 years after it first aired, the show continues to be a beloved series by fans worldwide. Office actors Oscar Nunez and Andy Buckley — who played Oscar Martinez and David Wallace, respectively — previously spoke with PopCulture about the series and the long-lasting impact it has had on culture.

"It's crazy a little, you know? 11-year-olds and 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds, they keep discovering the show, because it's that kind of show that's a stepping stone from when you're a little kid to going into high school," Nunez said, sharing that he often meets young fans who've been introduced to The Office recently and most commonly by family members. He added that those first-timer watchers often "become fans right away."

Buckley then quipped that being on the show has given him "street cred" with friends of his teenage kids. He also called working on The Office a real "treat" and added that it is "magnificent" to see young fans enjoying it so much. "It's really fun to watch," he said, then sharing that before the coronavirus pandemic he would sometimes watch an episode or two with his kids and their friends and would be in awe of how well the show holds up. Buckley added, "I'm just the luckiest guy on the planet to get to be a part of it."