'Gilmore Girls': Scott Patterson's New Coffee Business Would Make Luke Danes Proud (Exclusive)

Gilmore Girls star, Scott Patterson, is taking on the persona of his iconic role, Luke Danes in typical Luke in Stars Hollow fashion. Patterson's latest business venture finds himself running his own coffee company, Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee — a similar proposition to that of his Gilmore Girls' character who ran the town diner, Luke's. The coffee there fueled the likes of Lorelei and Rory Gilmore for all seven seasons and the 2016 Netflix revival.

In fact, the coffee became so iconic in the show that there was even a full-blown Luke's Diner pop-up campaign across the country that promoted the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life launch.

"I really kind of put the brakes on the whole film and TV stuff for a while," Patterson told PopCulture.com. He did so to jumpstart his music career and more so, his coffee business. "The coffee is taking off. That's building a lot of momentum… we want to grow at a manageable rate."

The change from Hollywood life to running his own business wasn't a difficult transition. The Haddonfield, New Jersey native said he always wanted to have his own business someday, something that he can pass on through his children and their children. While taking on a coffee operation may seem like a far cry from the big screen, Patterson, who also is the frontman of the band SMITHRADIO, said it was easy for him.

After all, he did over 200 episodes of television between 2000 and 2011 and as he jokingly said, "I was tired."

The role of Luke was "a gift" according to Patterson. He's hoping to take that iconic character and use it to help spark his new career. All things considered, Patterson is well aware that Gilmore Girls has become even bigger as the years have grown and new generations know who he is.

"I've got to embrace this character," Patterson admitted. "I was talking to my wife one night about it and she said 'You've got to realize, this is not your normal show, this is part of the culture.'"

"This show means more to people than maybe any other show they've seen," Patterson explained. "I'll always embrace this character."

So what better way to embody everything that Luke was on screen than to bring his coffee into the homes of his fans?

Approaching two years of running his business, Patterson says they have almost tripled in sales since the early stages. He expects "big numbers" before the holidays at the rate his company is growing. Patterson has made a heavy push on the wholesale side of things while taking his time to jump into the retail part of business.

"I thought coffee was the natural thing. I drink a ton of it. I love it," Patterson said.

Consumers can find the coffee online at his website. All sales go through Amazon. The company currently offers a Breakfast Blend and French Roast that are available in K-Cups.

There's also going to be a new house blend launched in November that features a superfruit — cascara — straight from the coffee plant. Most of the time, the fruit is discarded in source countries. Patterson said his team "found a way to convert this cascara into powder form… it's filled with vitamins and nutrients and improves the flavor of coffee."

Patterson added that a cold brew line is in the works, as well.

Unlike something his on-screen persona once said in a Gilmore Girls episode, "When you make plans, then you have expectations and then you get disappointed," Patterson's business plan has him set up for continued growth and a new outlook on life.