How Will 'Game of Thrones' End?

With Game of Thrones three episodes into its final season and three episodes to go, many fans are wondering how the show will end.

The most recent episode saw the Night King and his White Walker army vanquished by Arya Stark, who practically emerged from nowhere and plunged a dagger made of dragonglass into the leader of the frozen zombie horde.

It was quite possibly the most incredible moment of the show to date, but the final few 90-minute episodes may serve up some pretty incredible scenes as well, so there's a chance it could be topped.

At this point, Cersei Lannister is the final boss that Jon Snow and Daenerys have to face down, and there is little likelihood that they're going to spend every episode on that specific confrontation, so fans may still be in-store for some epic moments leading up to the series finale.

With this in mind, io9 asked their readers to offer some of their favorite fan theories on how the show might end.

"I think that they're is going to be a small battle between the remaining Northern/Targaryean coalition, the dragons will burn most of Eurons fleet and the Golden Company will be subverted by Daario and the 2nd Sons," one fan said. "Jon somehow ends up as the reluctant ruler of the 7 kingdoms and restores Sam as a Lord, legitimizes Gendry and Tyrion becomes Lord of the Rock."

"I'd entirely forgotten about Daario; this is a great prediction," another person replied. "I am still of the thought that Dany will veer more toward madness and that Jon will be the one who is forced to stop her, possibly by killing her...leaving him to walk away from everything."

"Not so much a theory or prediction but the big issue to be dealt with is between Jon Snow and Daenerys. I do predict that neither of them will end up on the throne. It will be someone else we do not expect. Arya?" someone else suggested. "And don't forget, there is a possible pending confrontation between Bronn and Jamie and Tyrion."


One last fan offered, "If the plot is cyclical, then the ending will be as follows: the Lannisters (Cersei) defeat the Targaryens (Dany and Jon), but are in turn defeated by the coalition of the Baratheons and Starks (Gendry and Arya) who get the throne. The Mad Monarch (Cersei) is killed trying to burn everyone with hidden wild fire by the ever trusted Jamie Lannister (Kingslayer turned Kinslayer)."

Game of Thrones airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.