'Game of Thrones' Creator George R.R. Martin Reveals HBO Series Was to End With 3 Movies

George R.R. Martin had a different vision for how the ending of the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones, was going to play out. Fans of the show voiced their displeasure with the pacing of the series' final season and the plot holes that surfaced. If Martin had his way, he would have set it up a little differently to allow for the grand ending like the fans had hoped for.

On Reddit, Martin shared that he had planned to wrap up the series with three movies. This, of course, was going to be a completely new realm for the television show and something not seen before. It turns out that the higher-ups at the network didn't feel comfortable committing to that.

"Because HBO didn't want that. The executives said: We produce TV shows, we are not in the cinema business. And if HBO does make a movie, like the movie based on Deadwood, they only produce it to show it on TV - not on the big screen. Everything is changing at the moment. What is being shown at the cinema right now? Everything is mixing up," he wrote. "Nowadays we don't know where the lines between cinema, streaming services and television are."

The series finale aired on May 19, 2019 but the show has remained in the forefront of pop culture and discussions. Many of the show's actors have spent their time following filming answering questions about their thoughts on how the eighth season unraveled, including recently at the SAG Awards where Pilou Asbæk, who played Euron Greyjoy, actually took a stand and supported the series' wrap-up. He noted that the backlash has to do with fans simply being upset an era has ended.

That would explain the amount of interest in the proposed prequels and spin-offs HBO has been working on. In October, the network revealed that House of the Dragon had been picked up with a possible release coming in early 2021.


"Based on George R.R. Martin's Fire & Blood, the series, which is set 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones, tells the story of House Targaryen," HBO announced. "Miguel Sapochnik will direct the pilot and additional episodes. (Ryan) Condal and Sapochnik will partner as showrunners on the series, which will be written by Condal."

Game of Thrones, which is based of Martin's best-selling book A Song of Ice and Fire, made its premiere back in 2011.