'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 4 Finale Kills off Major Character

A major character was killed off during the season four finale of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead [...]

A major character was killed off during the season four finale of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead episode, "...I Love Myself." Morgan and Martha finally ended their feud, and Martha's life needed to end for that to happen.

In "...I Lose Myself," as recapped by ComicBook.com, Morgan (Lennie James) needed to find the strength in himself to help his friends before it is too late. The episode was written by Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, who also serve as the showrunners. Co-executive producer Michael Satrazemis directed.

In previous episodes of the Walking Dead spin-off, Morgan tried to get his group of a hospital in Austin, Texas safely. They were surrounded by walkers, but almost everyone survived. Unfortunately, Jim (Aaron Stanford) was killed after he was bitten. He then sacrificed himself for his friends.

Morgan and his group of survivors are still up against Martha, also known as Filthy Woman (Tonya Perkins), who stands in their way as they try to get to Alexandria, Virginia. Morgan went back to find Althea (Maggie Grace) and to put his issues with Martha to bed. Martha is also hanging on for dear life after Wendell (Daryl Mitchell) shot her. Morgan now has a chance to see his feud with Martha end, likely with her death.

After Morgan took a detour, this left his friends in their own danger at the Flip-Flop Truck Stop, where they were once again surrounded by walkers.

At the end of the episode, Morgan went back to Martha, where he found her walking away from her severed arm with "Strong" written on her head. She became a walker, and Morgan decided to put her out of her misery.

"When we conceived of Jim as a character, we always knew he was going to be this guy who has a chip on his shoulder because he felt like he had been cheated out of the fortune and success he was on the cusp of, right before the outbreak," Chambliss told ComicBook.com about the deceased character. "And we liked that he had this kind of selfish optimism, where he thought he had something that was very important to helping the world get back on track, and that being beer. And he had that full speech about how civilization had been built on beer."

Chambliss also told ComicBook.com they plan to continue to use Madison's (Kim Dickens) philosophy to help drive the characters forward into the future.

"You know, emotionally, for us, what Madison's sacrifice meant to everyone is something that is absolutely going to carry forward," Goldberg said. "That's something we'll see in the finale, not to spoil anything, but how Madison's legacy will live on in the people that survived her and how her spirit and the hopeful philosophy that started with her will carry forward."

Although this is the end of season four, Fear The Walking Dead will be back. The show was already renewed for a fifth season and will be shooting more scenes in Texas.

Photo Credit: AMC