Epix Cancels Nick Nolte’s ‘Graves’ After Two Seasons

Epix has cancelled Graves, the political comedy series starring Nick Nolte as a former U.S. president.

Variety confirmed Thursday that Epix pulled the plug on the show after it finished its second season. The show starred Nolte as the title character, former President Richard Graves. It picked up 20 years after he left the White House, when he realizes that his policies were damaging to the U.S. His wife also decides that she wants to run for political office.

Skylar Astin, Chris Lowell, Helene Yorke, Callie Hernandez and Sela Ward rounded out the main cast. During the second season, Jacqueline Bisset, Matt Long, Juliette Lewis and Wallace Shawn guest starred.

Graves was created by Joshua Michael Stern, who directed the 2013 Steve Jobs movie with Ashton Kutcher. Although the series didn't become a major hit, it did earn Nolte a Golden Globe nomination last year.

This was on the first original shows for Epix, a premium cable movie channel owned by MGM. The network's only other original shows left are Berlin Station and the recently launched Get Shorty.


Epix was previously a joint-venture between Viacom and Lionsgate, the latter of which produced Graves. MGM bought out the other two studios in April.

Photo credit: Facebook/ Epix