'Emergence' Not on Tonight, ABC Airing Diane Sawyer Special With Michael Douglas' Son Cameron Instead

There have only been four episodes of the hit ABC conspiracy thriller Emergence, but it is already being forced to take a week off. The show is being bumped on Tuesday night in favor of a Diane Sawyer special called Douglas Dynasty: Fame, Addiction and Finding Home. In it, Sawyer will go in-depth with Michael Douglas’ son, Cameron. The elder Douglas will also be interviewed as part of the special.

Cameron wrote a memoir called Long Way Home, that was released today, which documents his struggles with drug abuse. It eventually led to criminal behavior and drug dealing, all of which culminated in him spending seven years in a federal prison.

His legal issues began in 1999 when he was arrested for cocaine possession in New York City and charged with misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance. The charge was dropped after he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. In 2009, he was arrested by the Drug Enforcement Agency for possessing a half-pound of meth. The amount drugs led to a charge of intent to distribute.

Cameron further compounded his issues by being caught with heroin that his girlfriend smuggled to him while he was under house arrest. In 2010, he was sentenced to five years for meth and heroin charges. In 2011, he was caught possessing drugs in prison and had an extra 4.5 years added to his sentence. Finally, in 2016 he was released to a halfway house for the remainder of his time.

While the special should offer some unique insight into drug abuse and the Douglas family, fans of Emergence aren’t thrilled about the show being bumped.

“Michael Douglas's messy drug dealer son wrote a book. That needs a special,” one person said on Twitter.

“What do you mean, "going on a break"! You give me four episodes of #Emergence and then leave me hanging? Shame on you,” another joked.


"What a STUPID idea to take a break! This is how networks end up sabotaging their own shows...," a third complained.

The Douglas Dynasty special will air Tuesday night on ABC at 10 p.m. ET. Emergence will return to its normal time slot for Episode 5 next Tuesday.