'Dynasty' Reboot Casts Nicollette Sheridan as Alexis Carrington

It's officially been revealed that Nicollette Sheridan will be joining the cast of The CW's Dynasty reboot in the role of Alexis Carrington.

The role was made famous originally by Joan Collins when the show first aired in the 1980s.

Regarding Carrington's debut on the new series, The CW said she “will return unexpectedly to [Blake, Fallon and Steven’s] world, challenging Blake’s marriage to Cristal, seeking to reunite with her children and fighting to claim what is hers.”

“There are certainly Easter eggs along the way until her grand entrance,” Sallie Patrick, Dynasty executive producer, told TVLine about Carrington. “What we like is that we know when she’s coming. I’m not sure they knew their timing of her [on the original Dynasty], so she was really absent from the first year."

"When she did show up, it was a huge twist and a great surprise. Since we live in a world that already knows about Alexis and knows about Joan Collins, we thought it’d be fun to build up that wonderful, delicious character before her grand entrance. We can only bring her in once, so we’re taking our time to figure it out,” Patrick added.


While she has been part of a few projects here and there, this new role is the first starring role for Sheridan since she left Desperate Housewives in 2009.

Prior to that, she had a role on the popular soap opera Knot's Landing, starring as Paige Matheson.