Donald Trump and Mark Burnett Reportedly in Talks for 'The Apprentice: White House' and Other Post-Presidency TV Shows

It's being reported that President Donald Trump and iconic TV producer Mark Burnett are in talks for The Apprentice: White House, and a few other post-presidency TV shows for the current Commander-in-Chief of the United States. According to The Daily Beast, multiple sources close to the situation have claimed that Trump loved his time on reality TV and is very interested in returning to it once his term in office is done. The sources claim that Burnett and Trump have spoken over the phone about a few different possible ideas, but nothing is official as of yet.

"There have been several discussions between Burnett and Trump about The Apprentice: White House," one source told the outlet. "It is something Burnett thinks could be a money-spinner and Trump is very keen on doing."

"They actually talked about an Apprentice: White House," another source stated, then adding that "as far as I know, the discussion did not go far."

The news has certainly had social media talking, with some joking about it and others not sure it'll ever even happen.

"Trump's already doing his reality television show - its called My Apprenticeship Presidency," one person quipped. "But it may either be yanked or not renewed, so there's that."

Donald Trump on Undercover CEO would get ridiculously high ratings. Both sides of the aisle can agree on this, but for VERY different reasons," one other user offered.

"He's been making US Congressmen and women and appointees jump through hoops and perform sycophantic stunts for 3 years. I'm sure there's some awesome reality tv material in all that. Except they'll all be reruns I guess," someone else wrote.


At this time, neither Burnett nor the White House press department has confirmed the report.