'Criminal Minds' Season 15's First Photo May Confirm Major Romance

Criminal Minds is coming into its final season strong with the release of the first photo from the [...]

Criminal Minds is coming into its final season strong with the release of the first photo from the season 15 premiere. And it may hint at some love blossoming on the show for the final run.

In the season 14 finale, A.J. Cook's Jennifer "JJ" Jareau revealed that she had feelings for Spencer Reid, play by Matthew Gray Gubler on the long-running series.

"I have always loved you. I was just scared of saying anything before, and things are too complicated to say it now," she tells Reid. "I'm sorry but you should know."

The problem, of course, is that JJ is married to Detective William "Will" LaMontagne and has a child with him. This could complicate any budding romance between JJ and Reid, but the first photo from the season seems to indicate the show will head in that direction.

In the photo, we can see Reid holding JJ by her arm as they seem to move through the woods together. It isn't the most romantic shot but given the plot reveal from the finale, many fans got the hint.

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"JJ can not cheat on will," one fan wrote on the photo shared by TV Line.

"But is it cheating if she divorces and chooses Reid?" another replied, noting what could transpire.

"I have such mixed feelings about this. I love Will but have talked about the idea of JJ and Reid being together for the longest time," a third added.

"[No] but then that would tear her family apart and create a whole new set of issues that would definitely not be resolved in the 10 episodes we have left," another fan responded to the cheating.

"[She] can't if he dies? In steps Reid (in time)," a final fan added to note how the show will likely take Will out of the picture.

Many other fans took the reveal to mourn the end of the show.

"I can't believe my favorite show is ending," one fan wrote. "I will miss you guys!"

"Thank you for 15 amazing seasons of [Criminal Minds]," another fan celebrated.

"This just gives me more knots in my stomach than I ever wanted," a third added.

Criminal Minds is set to return in 2020 for its final season on CBS.