'CNN This Morning' Ratings Aren't Great, But There's a Saving Grace

CNN This Morning has not been very successful in ratings on its home network so far, but thankfully that's its only revenue stream. According to a report by The Wrap, the Nielsen data from This Morning's launch in November through this week shows that it is the lowest-rated morning show iteration on CNN in almost a decade. However, the show also airs on the sister network HLN where it makes up for its lapse.

This Morning has gotten off to a dramatic start in the last few months on CNN. The show pulled anchor Don Lemon from a primetime news slot into a much more casual setting, and it has also generated a few viral clips where Lemon and his co-host Kaitlan Collins seem to be at odds with each other. Now, Nielsen data shows that the trouble may not have been worth it. This is CNN's lowest-rated morning show among the key demographic of adults aged 25 to 54 since New Day premiered in 2013.

Three months in, This Morning is averaging 21 percent fewer viewers in the key demographic than its predecessor New Day was in October of 2022. It has also dropped 16.2 percent in total viewers. Comparing the performance to New Day's launch in 2013 isn't much better – This Morning has increased its total viewership by 30.2 percent, but that still leaves it 18.6 percent below the total viewership of New Day in its first three months.

CNN This Morning was created by recently elevated CNN chairman and CEO Chris Licht. Licht promised some big changes at the network to help it compete with its rival, and the morning show was a natural arena for him to choose. Licht co-created Morning Joe in 2007 when he worked at MSNBC, and he likely hoped to replicate that success.

It still has time to meet its lofty goals, and so far CNN is not disappointed. A spokesperson for the network told The Wrap: "CNN This Morning is off to a great start, seeing double-digit audience growth in just three months on air, which is quite an accomplishment for a young show. With the show's simulcast on HLN, CNN This Morning is reaching significantly more people than its predecessor and is regularly beating its competition in the demo."

For now, we can take CNN's word that the network is happy with its morning show, and there are no hints that the show might be changed any time soon. CNN This Morning airs on weekdays at 6 a.m. ET on CNN.