Clayne Crawford Gratified by Outpouring of Support: 'It’s Hard to Stand up in This Business'

Clayne Crawford continues to retweet supportive messages from co-stars and fans following his ouster from Lethal Weapon, which was renewed for third season by Fox without him.

Crawford was fired from the show on Tuesday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. However, he has challenged this message on social media, insisting that the studios and the network have given him no official word so far.

As the mystery hangs in the air, many who have worked with Crawford have espoused his good qualities on Twitter. Crawford has retweeted many of these messages himself.

"One of the best experiences I have had was doing Lethal Weapon," wrote Teo Briones. "Everyone in the cast and crew as awesome, but it was @ClayneCrawford that made it really special for me. I cant wait until we can work together again!"

Briones, 13, played Ethan McFadden on the show.

"Buddy, the pleasure was all mine," Crawford responded, "look forward to working with you again soon."

"If [anecdotal] experience can hurt a career, maybe it can save it," wrote Crawford's co-star Kurt Yaeger. "My experience was a pleasure, it was professional & nothing but good vibes happened during my episode of Lethal Weapon. How many good reviews of Clayne's behavior on set do we need? #allfacts."

"Clayne is a passionate, talented & caring artist," wrote actor Bruce McKinnon. "One of my fondest memories in my entire acting career is playing his father in the Sundance series @Rectify for 4 seasons as well as becoming friends. I look forward to hopefully work with @ClayneCrawford again...if I get lucky."

Hilarie Burton, who plays Karen Palmer in the Lethal Weapon adaptation, wrote a lengthy endorsement of Crawford when prompted by a fan on Twitter.

"I have a multitude of kind words about @ClayneCrawford!" she tweeted. "That guy greeted me on my very first day and has been a friend ever since. When I couldn't find childcare while I was working, he had his wife and kids take care of Gus. he shows up early. He knows his lines. He pushes to make every scene its best. I've watched him fight on the behalf of other people. And a good leader isn't afraid to be a bad guy."

"The pace at which a show like lethal weapon shoots doesn't always allow for constructive conversations to be warm and fuzzy," she continued, "But it's my experience that Mr. Crawford genuinely cares about the well-being of every member of the cast and crew.

"Clearly he's upset someone that turned to the media. And in defending him I may also upset that person. But standing up for someone who has been good to me is something I believe is the right thing to do. So yes, I'm a fan of Clayne Crawford," she added.

"It's hard to stand up in this business, Thank You!" Crawford replied, adding the hashtags "family" and "integrity."


Lethal Weapon has not been cancelled or renewed by Fox just yet. The network has put many of its most popular shows on the chopping block to make room for its new five-year deal with the NFL to host Thursday Night Football.