'Chicago Med' Reveals Shocking Truth About Emily's Baby Daddy

Chicago Med revealed a shocking piece of information about Emily's baby daddy's past that might [...]

Chicago Med revealed a shocking piece of information about Emily's baby daddy's past that might change things in the Ethan Choi's sister already complicated predicament.

Emily (Arden Cho) — who found out she was pregnant in the season premiere with one of the people in her support group — was seen alongside her much older baby daddy admiring the picture of her first sonogram with Ethan (Brian Tee) and April (Yaya DaCosta).

Bernie (CS Lee) comments on how unbelievably real the possibility of having a child has become before he heads back to the office.

"You know I'm kind of blown away to be honest," Emily tells her brother of her new boyfriend's behavior. "I mean, you meet a guy in A.A. you gotta be a little reticent right?"

"It's good he came in with you today," Ethan tells his sister.

"Thanks for giving him a chance Ethan," she responds before walking away.

Later, however Ethan is shocked when he treats a patient who came in for public intoxication and he recognizes Bernie, who has fallen off the wagon.

"Ethan. Oh God, I'm so sorry. I told the ambulance not to bring me here," Bernie says. "I need to get out of here. I don't feel so good."

He then throws up on Ethan, and he and April must help him out. Ethan is visibly upset about Bernie's relapse, and April tries to calm him down. The truths keep coming, however, when as Ethan and April are talking to him about a complication from his drinking a shocking truth comes to light.

"This is not the impression I wanted to make to my future brother-in-law. I'm such a loser," Bernie says.

A woman arrives to the ER and enters Bernie's room, after he makes Ethan and April praise not to tell Emily anything about his health.

"Are you his doctor? He told you about the pancreatitis I assume," the woman, who has a child with her, says. "I'm Ashley Kim, his wife, and this is our daughter Jamie."

Later, Ethan tries to ask Bernie's wife if she knows of any stressful changes that might have led to this relapse — fishing to find out if she knows anything about Emily — but Ashley only reveals that they just bought a new house. When they walk away, Ethan confronts the man.

"I swear Ethan, Ahsley and I were on our last legs, O.K?" he says.

"You just bought a new house together," Ethan says, which Bernie says was a bad idea.

"I love your sister Ethan and I am going to be a good father to that baby. I just need to figure out how to tell my wife."

After the reveal Ethan walks away, but April reminds him that doctor-patient confidentiality prevents him from telling his sister what he found out. He goes around the law by telling Emily that Bernie is in the hospital.

As Emily comforts Bernie, his wife and daughter come back into the room and confront each other. The tense situation causes Bernie's cyst to burst and he passes out. Ethan later walks in on Emily getting yelled at by Bernie's wife, before he tells her that the injury he sustained will lead to a lengthy recovery.

"Bernie is no longer my problem," she says. "Your sister can sit with him and wipe his ass if she wants."

Later, Ethan is surprised to find Emily by Bernie's bedside and that she has decided to not leave him. She lashes out at her brother for humiliating Bernie. April steps in and tells her Ethan did all of it for her, but she walks away back to her man.

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