'Chicago' Crossover Stuns Fans With Graphic Mother-Son Burn Victims

Chicago Fire might have shown viewers its most graphic and heartbreaking victims yet during [...]

Chicago Fire might have shown viewers its most graphic and heartbreaking victims yet during Wednesday's One Chicago crossover event catastrophe.

The shocking moment came early in the crossover special, as the firefighters worked to get residents of a large apartment building to safety when a fire roars on the 20th floor.

Otis (Yuri Sardarov) is entrusted with helping a group of people, including a woman, her dog, and a young mother and her baby to go down the stairs and out of the building.

The mom begins to complain about having to take the long road down on the stairs, and not understanding why they can't just take the stairs. Otis says it's not safe to take the elevator and offers to hold the baby for a few flights if that would make it easier for her. She snaps at him saying that is not the point.

Later in the episode, Otis and Hermann (David Eigenberg) meet as the team get down the stairs and they realize the mother and the son are missing from the group. He suspects they might have tried to take elevator anyway and gotten stuck in the one that was not moving from the 24th floor.

"Please, let her take the elevator," one Twitter user wrote.

As he finds out that the mother and her son are missing, Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) calls out on his radio about them missing and that they "must be found."

Later, Otis plays with the elevator operator and he successfully unjams it, hoping to find the missing mother and a baby when the elevator comes down.

When the doors open, however, Otis is horrified when the smoke clears and all that remains is the burnt bodies of the woman and the little baby.

Chicago Fire fans expressed their sadness at the fate of the residents, and others expressed their shock at how graphic the scene turned out to be.

"THE MOM AND THE BABY OMG. I just lost my breath for a second..." one Twitter user commented.

"Poor Otis that was a heartbreaking," another user wrote.


"Chief, I got the missing mother and child," Otis tells Boden. "She must have gotten on the elevator despite strict instructions not to, and it must have taken them up, and it looks like uh... it appears that the doors opened up on the fire floor."

Boden consoles a visibly Otis and then lets the firefighters know that the missing residents have been found.

The tragic fire claimed more than just this victims as it also left one of the firefighters severely injured, as well as Jay and Will Halstead's father, both headed to Med for treatment.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.