'Bull' Star Michael Weatherly Throws Shade at 'The Good Doctor,' 'Manifest'

Michael Weatherly threw a light-hearted jab at some of his on-air competition on Tuesday night, [...]

Michael Weatherly threw a light-hearted jab at some of his on-air competition on Tuesday night, celebrating Bull's new place in the line-up.

Bull moved to Monday nights this season, which Weatherly celebrated by retweeting a video of a sleepy dog. He also tweeted about the difference in competition for his series, which airs on CBS. Rather than going up against This Is Us on ABC, it now airs opposite freshman drama Manifest on NBC and sophomore procedural The Good Doctor on ABC.

Judging by Weatherly's tweet, he is not worried about squabbling for viewers with either of those programs.

"Ah, this is the life.. .Monday nights at 10 after Magnum," he wrote. "No more This Is Us. Just Manifest and The Good Doctor. Sweet. I feel a nap coming..."

Many fans responded with congratulations, adding that they like the new time slot to get their week started right.

"A little sarcasm there Mr. Weatherly?" one person wrote. "Your show is great."

"Michael, I just wish to say that Bull on Monday make my new week start wonderful!!" added another. "And for many others!!! Fantastic cases, twists and turns only in 3 episodes in Season 3!! Bull is unique, and more and more people recognize it, fight for it, spread the word of Bull Mondays!"

Of course, some fans chimed in with praise for the other shows Weatherly mentioned as well, including The Good Doctor, Manifest and even New Amsterdam on NBC. They encouraged Weatherly to watch the other shows with an objective eye.

In spite of Weatherly's tweet, Bull is not breaking any records in its new time slot yet. According to TV By The Numbers, this week's episode managed a 0.7 rating in the key demographics, with 6.44 million total live viewers. By comparison, The Good Doctor delivered a solid 1.2 rating with 7.43 million pairs of eyes on it, and Manifest achieved a 1.7 rating with 7.84 million viewers.

As a matter of fact, Monday nights are looking tougher for Bull compared to Tuesdays. Last spring, the series continually beat out Black-ish on ABC, La to Vegas on Fox and Legends of Tomorrow on The CW, losing only to This Is Us — which consistently got ratings network executives do not even dare to dream of these days.

Still, network TV ratings are not an exact science, and there are a lot of moving parts to account for. For example, viewers who are not engaged with Weatherly or the show on social media may simply not have heard yet that Bull is on at a different time, and may not have tuned in. Either way, the show is a lot of momentum behind it as it heads into its third season.

Bull airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo Credit: CBS