'Bull': Jason Takes a Black Friday Shopping Murder Case on Monday Night's Episode

On this week's episode of Bull, Michael Weatherly's Dr. Jason Bull takes on a client whose life fell apart on a violent Black Friday.

"But For The Grace" starts with Chris Coleman (guest star Michael Drayer) assaulting someone during a Black Friday shopping spree. At first, Coleman is poorly advised by his public defender to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge. But then the victim dies, so Coleman is suddenly facing felony manslaughter charges.

"I'm staring at 20 years! You're just watching it happen," Coleman yelled at Bull and Benny Colon (Freddy Rodriguez) in a preview scene.

"They'll argue that he has a propensity for violence... and they'll be right," Bull said of the prosecution.

In a full scene CBS released before Monday's episode airs, Benny has to convince Bull to take the case.

"Sounds like something out of Kafka," Bull told Benny.

Benny is sure the case will not go to court, and told Bull they just need to meet with Coleman's public defender.

"Keep in mind it's the holiday season," Benny told Bull.

"Oh, it's OK. I'm already on the naughty list," Bull replied as he walked into an elevator. "Sure, if we really don't have to do anything."

Before the doors closed, Benny asked Bull if he would meet with the assistant district attorney on the case to "sweet talk" him into dropping the charges against Coleman.

"What happened to 'We don't even have to go to court'?" Bull asked.

"We don't... but I figure if you pow-wow with the ADA and he drops the case, then we really don't have to go to court," Benny replied.

"Let's let go of the door and consider it your early Christmas present," Bull said.

"Oh Bull, you shouldn't have," Benny told him.

"You're preaching to the choir," Bull said as the doors closed.

Bull is now in its third season, and the show has already undergone a casting change. Annabelle Attanasio's Cable McCrory was killed off screen in the season three premiere to explain the actress' disappearance. MacKenzie Meehan was brought in as Taylor Rentzel, a single mother who replaces Cable and does not always agree with Bull. Taylor is also an old friend of Marissa Morgan (Geneva Carr).

Bull was created by Dr. Phil McGraw and Paul Attanasio, and is inspired by McGraw's early career as a psychologist and trial science expert who helps his clients pick the right jurors and choose the right arguments to make in court. Last week's episode earned 6.38 million total viewers and a 0.8 18-49 rating, reports TV By The Numbers.


New episodes of Bull air at 10 p.m. ET on CBS Mondays.

Photo credit: CBS