Botched Episode Reveals Woman With Largest Pair Of Breast Implants In Europe

The woman with the "largest breast implants" in Europe is now looking to get "huge" butt implants to match.

Seen in a clip from the season four premiere of Botched on Sunday, Martina, the woman with the enormous assets, met with doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow. She explained to the plastic surgeons that she is looking to make her posterior match her anterior.

"I traveled so far to meet the doctors to ask them, 'Can I have really huge butt implants?'" Martina said on the E! News show.

While talking with the doctors, Martin explained that she goes by "Martina Big" in Germany.

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"Because big is not big enough," she said.

"Those breasts are ginormous," Paul says. "How can you even walk without toppling over?"

Dr. Nassif spoke out about his first reaction to seeing Martina walk in the office.

"When she came in I thought, 'Why would someone want to do this to their body and have something so heavy on the front of their chest that could damage them?'" the 55-year-old doctor said while talking toPEOPLE magazine. "I still ponder what gets in people's minds and souls, why they do the things they do. Her breasts stuck out about two feet. That means her butt would be more like a cartoon character because it would have to stick out two feet."

Dr. Nassif explained that there can be issues when doing butt implants.

"There can be malposition or a functional problem, and there's risk of infection or breakdown of the skin," he said. "Something that big, if you put it in there, it's going to cause a problem. It's not reasonable."

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Check out the clip from Martina's segment on Botched here.

Dubrow, 58, says that Martina is just one of the many cases that the doctors will see on the current season of Botched.


"This season we explore the extremely out-there periphery of body modification surgery," he said. "This season is so completely different than the seasons we've had before. We took on cases that seemed impossible and we had some significant complications of our own. It was a riskier, scarier season, and we made some people worse before better. It was an anxiety-producing season for both Paul and I. We ran into some serious stuff."

To see more Botched, tune in on Sunday, June 18 at 9 p.m. on E!