Ashton Kutcher Reacts to 'Jeopardy!' Shoutout

During Monday's episode of JEOPARDY!, viewers were treated to a little bit of trivia regarding That '70s Show. One of the questions (or, to be a bit more technical, one of the "answers") involved guest host Aaron Rodgers asking the contestants about the stars of the comedy series, including how it launched the career of Ashton Kutcher. In turn, the actor promptly responded to being a clue on JEOPARDY! on Twitter, sharing that it was a definite highlight.

In the category of "Counting On Television," Rodgers read a clue that stated, "That '70s Show helped launch the careers of Mila Kunis, Topher Grace, and this actor who played Michael Kelso." One of the contestants answered correctly that it was Kutcher. Following the episode, Kutcher took to Twitter to share his excitement over the fact that he was included in a JEOPARDY! question (to make the situation all the more fun, his wife, Kunis, was also included in the clue). The Dude Where's My Car? actor wrote that being a "question on jeopardy" is one of the only things better than being included in the famed New York Times crossword puzzle.

This latest clue came during Rodgers' stint as JEOPARDY!'s guest host, filling in for the late Alex Trebek. The Green Bay Packers athlete has really taken to his role as the host, as he has even floated the idea of continuing to host the program while still playing football full-time. In an interview with The Ringer, Rodgers shared his plan for possibly taking over the JEOPARDY! mantle, explaining, "I don't think I'd need to give up football to do it. They film 46 days a year. I worked 187 this year in Green Bay. That gives me 178 days to do 'Jeopardy!' So I feel like I could fit 46 into that 178 and make it work. It would be a dream job for sure, and I'm not shy at all about saying I want the job. That's how I went into it. I want an opportunity to be in the mix."

The football player began hosting the series during the April 5 episode. His last episode as the host will air on Friday. Several others have also been tapped to fill in as JEOPARDY!'s host, including Ken Jennings, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Katie Couric. After Rodgers wraps up hosting duties, Anderson Cooper will take to the podium. Cooper will be followed by Bill Whitaker and Mayim Bialik.