Another 'Game of Thrones' Spinoff Canceled

One of the several Game of Thrones spinoffs in development at HBO was reportedly canceled this week — Flea Bottom. The show would have been a live-action drama set in the slums of Westeros' capital city, King's Landing, at some point before the events of the main series. Sources close to the production broke the news to The Hollywood Reporter.

HBO never officially commented on Flea Bottom, though multiple sources confirmed that the series was in development. That's over now, however, as this particular show has reportedly been scrapped. Fans cannot be entirely sure of what they are missing out on here — details on Flea Bottom were scarce beyond the general concept described above. Still, some of the other projects in the works might make up for this loss.

HBO is rapidly expanding its slate of shows based on George R.R. Martin's novel series A Song of Ice and Fire. The only one to move all the way into production so far is House of the Dragon — a prequel set about 180 years before the events of the main series, depicting a civil war amongst House Targaryen. The story is laid out in Martin's fictional history book Fire & Blood, available here in print, digital and audiobook formats.

The other shows that sound the closest to fruition are 10,000 Ships and 9 Voyages. The former would be set about 1,000 years before the events of the main series, following the war-torn nation called the Rhoynar as they make a mass exodus from Essos fleeing Valyrian dragon-riders, search for a new home all across the sea and finally land in southern Westeros where they must integrate with the Dornish.

The latter, 9 Voyages, would share the character Corlys "The Sea Snake" Velaryon with House of the Dragon. It would depict Corlys' nine trading voyages around the world, exploring far-flung locations that have never been directly depicted in the show or in Martin's books.

Meanwhile, THR reported this week that one of the most far-flung of those nations, Yi Ti might be getting its own animated series. It's one of two animated Game of Thrones spinoffs reported this week. The other remains a complete mystery.

All of this expansion comes as the rest of the streaming world scrambles to create an epic fantasy adaptation that can match Game of Thrones. Meanwhile, Martin himself is working harder than ever to finish his next book, according to his personal blog. Many fans have hope that The Winds of Winter will blow at last sometime soon.


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