Watch: Anderson Cooper Tries to Stay Composed After 'Macho Man' Interrupts Correspondent's Trump Rally Report

Despite testing positive for the coronavirus less than two weeks ago, President Donald Trump still [...]

Despite testing positive for the coronavirus less than two weeks ago, President Donald Trump still held a rally in Sanford, Florida Monday night, with his campaign treating it just like any other rally the president has held in the past four years. It even included the Village People's "Macho Man" playing in the background to hype up the crowd. While CNN's Gary Tuchman reported from the scene, the song was blaring and anchor Anderson Cooper had a hard time keeping a straight face.

Tuchman reported on the coronavirus measures taken at the rally, noting how masks were handed out to Trump's supporters, but few actually wore them. He was drowned out by "Macho Man," with his reporting just barely audible over the song. At the end of the segment, Cooper wryly told the journalist, "Thanks. Enjoy 'Macho Man.'"

The Trump campaign has repeatedly played the Village People's two biggest hits, "YMCA" and "Macho Man," at rallies. Observers have often pointed out the irony of playing these songs since the Trump administration has not been supportive of the LGBTQ community. Like the Rolling Stones, Neil Young, and Tom Petty's estate, the Village People have spoken out against Trump using their songs.

"If Trump orders the U.S. military to fire on his own citizens (on U.S. soil), Americans will rise up in such numbers outside of the White House that he might be forced out of office prior to the election," Victor Willis, the only remaining original member of the group, wrote on his Facebook page on June 5. "Don't do it, Mr. President! And I ask that you no longer use any of my music at your rallies especially 'Y.M.C.A.' and 'Macho Man.' Sorry, but I can no longer look the other way."

Back in February, after Trump used "Macho Man" during an appearance in India, the group noted it was technically legal for Trump to use their songs, although they did not endorse it. "Like millions of Village People fans worldwide, the President and his supporters have shown a genuine like for our music," the group noted. "Our music is all-inclusive and certainly everyone is entitled to do the YMCA dance, regardless of their political affiliation. Having said that, we certainly don't endorse his use as we'd prefer our music be kept out of politics." There was a rumor the group would perform at the Republican National Convention, but Willis and the group shot that rumor down.