'American Housewife' Star Daniel DiMaggio Dishes on Season 4, Working Closer With Katy Mixon (Exclusive)

Daniel DiMaggio is one of TV's most promising up and coming talents, all thanks to his role as [...]

Daniel DiMaggio is one of TV's most promising up and coming talents, all thanks to his role as Oliver Otto on the ABC sitcom American Housewife. Oliver, a money-hungry teen doing all he can to get to an Ivy League college, is one of three siblings in the Otto family, alongside Meg Donnelly's Taylor and Julia Butters' Anna-Kat. DiMaggio has often shared the screen with his siblings for juvenile plots, but this season has seen him have a bit more screentime with his character's mother Katie, played by Katy Mixon.

Using his business savvy, Otto has been teaming up with Katie to help launch her new business venture. This means sharing a bit more time filming with Mixon, which DiMaggio says is always a treat.

"Any scene, anytime I have with Katy is always memorable," DiMaggio told PopCulture.com in a recent phone interview. "We work very well together. We get along, so it's fun to do a scene with Katy. I'm just glad that they have mutual respect for each other. They have their differences, but it's definitely like an interesting relationship I have with the mom."

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This storyline is a prime example of how Otto has grown as a character since the series premiered in Oct. 2016. Instead of a simple get-rich-quick scheme, Oliver is using his expertise to good use. This growth is just one reason that the young star is pleased that American Housewife took off and became a staple of ABC's comedy lineup.

"It's cool to see that how we've all progressed, how my character progressed, how we've all grown into something," DiMaggio said. "I was always optimistic that it'd do well, and I'm not surprised it has. I'm glad it wasn't kind of like a one and done. ... I'm just glad that we've got been given the opportunity to be on air for a solid four seasons."

Elsewhere this season, DiMaggio has had a lot of fun on his own, as well. He cites his favorite moment this season as the Halloween episode, entitled "The Maze." In the episode, Oliver tries to conquer his fear of a spooky Halloween maze, with hilarious results.

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"The Halloween episode was pretty memorable. I remember that the haunted house, especially. I mean the maze, going through that, it was pretty realistic quite honestly. A lot of spooks and scares. That was pretty fun.

American Housewife airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The show's holiday episode, which doubles as a fall finale, airs on Friday night. The series will return for the rest of Season 4 starting Jan. 17.

Photo Credit: ABC/Brian Bowen Smith