'American Horror Story' Teases Apocalyptic 'Asylum' Crossover

Asylum's Briarcliff Manor will be forced to close its doors thanks to American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

Briarcliff Manor is no longer receiving patients, thanks to the coming apocalypse brought on by the now fully-grown Michael Langdon, whose reign of terror will leave the former mental institution at the center of Asylum in ruins, according to a new teaser.

The completely silent clip shared by the FX horror anthology series' Twitter account on Monday, showing Briarcliff Manor in shambles and surrounded by ruble and flames, follows a number of teases in the days leading up to the season eight premiere.

As the apocalypse bears down on the world, it will bring with it the destruction of all previous universes, including Asylum, Cult and Freak Show; connecting all seasons in a way that they never have been before.

The upcoming eighth installment, a crossover between season one's Murder House and season three's Coven, will likely follow a very dark theme of violence, one of Dante's nine circles of Hell, as Antichrist Michael Langdon fulfills the prophecy first uttered by Billie Dean Howard in season 1: "a child born of human and spirit will usher in the end of times."

His origins being from the Murder House's Rubber Man (aka ghost boy Tate Langdon) and human (now ghost) Vivien Harmon, Michael's path of destruction began at the early age of three when he murdered his nanny, though the darkness inside of him will reach a boiling point in season eight.

As was teased in the first full-length trailer for Apocalypse, a "cataclysmic event" will shake the world, leading to the ruins that Briarcliff Manor is now left in, and forcing the survivors to seek shelter in Outpost 3, a survivalist bunker led by Sarah Paulson's Venable. Whatever event ushers in the end of times, possibly atomic bombs as teased in various promotional clips, will leave the Earth's surface irradiated and uninhabitable.

Apocalypse, which is said to get back to the more fantasy-based tone of season 2's Asylum, will see the return of several familiar faces as the fight of good versus evil ensues, including the return of Paulson's Billie Dean Howard and Cordelia Foxx., who will reunite her coven of witches. Both of Michael Langdon's parents will also appear in the season, along with his half-sister, Violet Harmon (Taissa Farmiga).


American Horror Story: Apocalypse premieres Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

Photo Credit: FX