'9-1-1': Angela Bassett and Jennifer Love Hewitt Team up in Preview for Monday Night's Episode

In this week's episode of 9-1-1, 'Awful People,' Angela Bassett and Jennifer Love Hewitt finally [...]

In this week's episode of 9-1-1, "Awful People," Angela Bassett and Jennifer Love Hewitt finally meet on screen after four episodes of crazy emergencies.

Fox released a clip from the new episode before it airs, beginning with a scene of Bassett asking Hewitt if she is ready to embrace her new city "in all of its splendor and dysfunction."

After a montage of the bizarre emergencies the 9-1-1 teams see on a daily basis, the clip cuts back to the two stars walking together. "Girl, you're an official Angeleno now."

"Wanting to see the faces behind the 9-1-1 calls, Maddie goes on a ride-along with Athena, while dealing with a seemingly 'perfect' dispatcher back at the call center," reads the episode description. "Meanwhile, Hen must figure out how to save her family from permanently falling apart, and the first responders deal with emergencies both at a military funeral and a movie theater."

Bassett stars on 9-1-1 as Los Angeles Police patrol sergeant Athena Grant. Hewitt joined at the start of season two as Maddie Kendall, the sister of firefighter Evan "Buck" Buckley (Oliver Stark). Maddie escaped an abusive relationship and found herself looking to start anew in Los Angeles with her brother's help. She replaced Connie Britton's season one character Abby Clark.

Since the sibling bonding moment in the season two premiere, there have not been many scenes with Buck and Maddie together. In an interview with PopCulture.com though, Stark promised more scenes of the two together.

"We have a lot of stuff. She ends up spending a lot of time at Abby's apartment with Buck, so yeah, we've had plenty of scenes together, which over the next few weeks you'll get to see play out," Stark said, adding that Hewitt is a "really nice addition" to the 9-1-1 family.

"She steps in and from day one, really brought her A game, and is a lot of fun to have around as well," Stark said. "Our relationship is very much, and was immediately very much an almost sibling relationship. We were making fun of each other, but in a very caring way, and yeah, I feel really lucky to get to play those scenes out with her."

As for Bassett, Stark had plenty of praise for the legendary star. They do not get many scenes together, but she is always willing to talk to her co-stars and share her experiences.

"The way that I always phrase it is that Angela Bassett doesn't know that she's Angela Bassett, she just comes to work like everybody else and is about the work and about the job, but is very engaging and talk to them, she's just one of us," Stark told PopCulture.com. "There's no separation, there's no ego, and I think to be at that level, and to have that career, and to still hold those values, says a lot about a person, and actually is probably why you get to have a career that lasts so long."

9-1-1 also stars Ryan Guzman, Peter Krause, Aisha Hinds, Kenneth Choi and Rockmond Dunbar. It was created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Tim Minear.

New episodes air Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

Photo credit: Fox