50 Cent Accused of Bullying Alleged Drug Kingpin Suing Rapper Over 'Power' Story

50 Cent just can't seem to stay out of trouble. The Power star is constantly making headlines for his troll behavior and this time around, there's a lawsuit involved, but it's not with one of his celebrity peers as it typically is. Corey "Ghost" Holland is suing 50 and Power's executive producer Courtney Kemp. Holland claims the concept of the popular STARZ drama was actually his idea and a replica of his real-life as a former drug kingpin. He's suing for $1 billion.

AllHipHop reports that Holland's relationship with Kemp's father began in the 1990s. The two remained in touch until 2007. The same year, Holland claims he mailed a CD he made for at-risk youth to Kemp's father. One of the songs on the CD reportedly included a cautionary tale about Holland's drug-dealing lifestyle. It's important to note that the main character in Power's moniker is "Ghost."

Holland alleges there are at least 200 scenes in Power based on his life. He says he now lives in fear and recently filed court documents to "legally protect his interests and his family and his legal justification if violence becomes necessary to protect him or his family," per the report. Holland is claiming that the rapper and his crew have been threatening and "bullying" him. He claims 50 has thrown "a lot of subliminal shots" at him in the five months since he filed the lawsuit.

"[Holland] wants to address this matter now and hopefully have it ceased before someone loses their life," the suit reads. "[Holland] wants to keep this fight in the court, but is not afraid in [any] kind of way of other kind of confrontation with anyone." A judge has yet to make a final decision, but it's expected for the suit to be thrown out.

50 hasn't addressed the case publicly. He typically has no trouble addressing legal matters online or in interviews. He remains committed to promotion Power spinoffs Power: Book II Ghost and Raising Kanan. Another spinoff, Black Mafia Family, premieres on September 26.