Topher Grace Says He's Ready for 'That '70s Show' Revival

Topher Grace would love to do a That '70s Show revival, the BlacKkKlansman star told Entertainment Tonight Wednesday.

"I always say I would love... I mean, absolutely love to do it. I doubt it only because that cast went on to have so much success," Grace said. "If they're down, I'm down because I love those guys."

Grace might be right. It would be difficult to find time to get the original That '70s Show cast in the same room together.

Laura Prepon now stars on Netflix's Orange Is The New Black. Mila Kunis is a successful movie star, having just appeared in The Spy Who Dumped Me. Her husband, Ashton Kutcher, stars on Netflix's The Ranch and Wilmer Valderrama is busy on CBS' NCIS. Danny Masterson co-starred on The Ranch until he was fired due to sexual harassment allegations.

Grace also has a successful career as a character actor. He plays white supremacist David Duke in Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman. His other recent credits include Truth, American Ultra, The Institute, War Machine, Delirium and Interstellar.

Grace previously told The Hollywood Reporter in May that he would be interested in a That '70s Show revival.

"I would do it for sure because that was a very wonderful time for us," Grave explained. "We were all very close, having that experience every single day with each other. It was great to broadcast it out once a week, but, like, I'm still great friends with those guys."

Even in that interview, he tried to calm excitement, pointing out that everyone has packed schedules. This even became a problem before the show ended, since Grace was written out of the show after season seven and Kutcher could only recur during the last season.

Aside from scheduling problems, Kunis recently said she would never act alongside Kutcher again. Outside of That '70s Show, the only time they have acted together was in a brief scene in the 2014 Annie remake.

"I can't look at him and not be like, ‘What are you doing?'…No, it's weird," Kunis recently told The Today Show. "In a scene with him I was like 'Oh I see you acting.' Like I can catch it...and he looked at me and was like 'What's that face you make?' And I was like 'We can't do this. We can't be together in a scene.' ... You can catch each other on like the weird shtick so to speak."


Grace can be seen in BlacKkKlansman this weekend. The film stars John David Washington as an African-American police officer from Colorado who infiltrates a local Ku Klux Klan chapter. The cast also includes Adam Driver, Alec Baldwin and Laura Harrier.

Photo credit: ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images