'Saturday Night Live' Spoofs 'The Sopranos' in Star-Studded Cold Open

Saturday Night Live took a page out of The Sopranos' controversial series finale for its last cold open of the season.

During the first sketch of the night, President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) enters a diner by himself and starts playing "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.

He is later joined by lawyer Rudy Giuliani (Kate McKinnon) as the song plays they discuss the Russia investigation.

"I even confessed to some crimes that you didn't do and I said 'what are you gonna do, arrest the president? I dare ya," Rudy says.

Trump thanks him before Michael Cohen (Ben Stiller) walks into the diner and sits with them.

"How was work today?" Rudy asks.

"Oh, you know, really bad. Mostly just preparing to go to jail and stuff. They said I might get twenty years unless I give you up," Cohen says to Trump.

"I heard jail was fun," Baldwin's Trump says. Giuliani tells Cohen that in jail they have programs where people can get real law degrees.

Cohen tells Trump he could visit him while he's in jail but Trump says he's too busy.

"You know.... golf," he says.

"Whatever happens, I'm proud of you Michael," Trump says. "I love you too," Cohen says.

"I didn't say that."

The crew is then joined by Donald Trump Jr., who says Eric is still parallel parking outside, as images of Trump struggling to park a tricycle appear on the screen.

The group then cheers to a great first year of the Russian administration, when Robert Mueller (Robert DeNiro) walks in and sits far away.

"Am I the only one that sees that guy?" Trump asks nervously as the other members of the crew keep talking about Trump's legal troubles. Mueller then walks closer to Trump silently and does a threatening gesture at him.


He the walks into the men's room and the screen goes black, an ode to the ending to the popular HBO series.

The cast then returned to welcome viewers to the season 43 finale of Saturday Night Live, with host Tina Fey and musical guest Nicki Minaj.