Ryan Seacrest Reportedly 'Tense' Ahead of Oscars Red Carpet

Ryan Seacrest is reportedly "tense" going into Sunday evening's Oscars red carpet event as he deals a sexual assault and harassment allegations.

Seacrest was spotted by the Daily Mail leaving the American Idol studio in Hollywood and they described him as seeming "less than happy."

In the photos they posted, he seems pretty dead-set on getting on with his E! red carpet coverage, which may be missing some key stars. It's been rumored that some stars will avoid Seacrest completely in order to avoid an awkward situation in light of the allegations.

This determination is also seen on his Instagram profile, Seacrest can be seen meeting his production team for the event. He seems deep in conversation to plan out the network's coverage of the event.

(Photo: Instagram / @ryanseacrest)

"Pre Oscars huddle for the E! Red Carpet," he wrote, adding that it was his "12th year with this team."

Seacrest's trouble began when stylist Suzie Hardy came forward with her allegations on Monday through an interview with Variety. She claimed Seacrest groped her vagina, grinded his erect penis against her while wearing only underwear and slapped her buttock so hard that it left a welt.

Despite Seacrest's alleged actions, Hardy says she kept working with Seacrest to support her family.

Hardy says she later reported the harassment to E! executives, and she was fired not long after.

He has not been criminally charged, he has denied all wrongdoing and E!'s investigation cleared him of any wrongdoing. Regardless, he is still taking heat due to Hollywood's ongoing crusade against sexual abusers.

Several actresses have spoken with press about just why Seacrest might still get the cold shoulder on the red carpet. Lea Thompson told the Daily Mail that stars just will not want to deal with the awkward situation.


"That's the problem with that, just because of that. They'll just be like, 'I don't really want to deal with this today,'" she said. "It's a sticky deal and it's very difficult, it's all very difficult for everybody; for men, for women. Any kind of change in the sexual politics is always difficult."

Photo Credit: ABC / Image Group LA