YouTuber Cements Microwave to Head, Saved by Firefighters

A YouTube prank went terribly wrong when a man got his head stuck in a microwave.

The prankster, named Jay Swingler, had been filming the stunt for his 3 million subscribers on the YouTube channel TGFbro. The 22-year-old and a few of his friends mixed seven bags of Polyfilla and poured it into a microwave, which the 22-year-old then stuck his head in. His head was protected by a plastic bag with an air tube for breathing, which eventually became blocked, turning the prank into something much more serious and life-threatening.

"I've just had a near death experience. Very lucky to be alive. I'm traumatized," Swingler wrote on Twitter.

His friends spent 90 minutes unsuccessfully attempting to free the man before having to call the fire department, who, after an hour, was able to free Swingler without causing him any injury.

The West Midlands firefighters weren't that impressed, though, taking to social media to condemn the man's actions.


"As funny as this sounds, this young man could quite easily have suffocated or have been seriously injured," Commander Shaun Dunkin told The Guardian. "It took us nearly an hour to free him. All of the group involved were very apologetic, but this was clearly a call-out which might have prevented us from helping someone else in genuine, accidental need."

The prankster, who has done other daring stunts in the past, posted the video to his YouTube channel and Twitter account, calling it a "near death experience."