YouTube Star Jake Paul Loses Legal Representation in Prank Lawsuit After Law Firm Drops Him

Jake Paul's legal team gave him the boot this month, leaving the 21-year-old YouTube star without legal representation in a lawsuit about a video prank.

A Los Angeles judge granted a motion by Paul's now-former lawyers on Jan. 3 allowing them to withdraw from the case, The Blast reports.

The lawyers, from the famed firm Loeb & Loeb, previously filed court documents in October requesting permission to cease representing Paul, claiming that dealing with him was an arduous process which led to an "irreconcilable breakdown" in the relationship.

As first reported by TMZ, the firm said that Paul "refused to cooperate with Loeb in the defense of this action," adding that he also "refused to make payments to the firm for their legal services in connection with the case."

They also said that they told Paul earlier in October that they'd be dropping him, but he did not respond.

Now, it looks like Paul has to find a different attorney for the lawsuit filed against him and his production company by Ellis Barbacoff, who accused Paul of blaring a train horn at him that caused "sustained shock and injuries" and left him with "pain and suffering."

In the video in question, titled "EMBARRASSING BILLBOARD PRANK ON MY BROTHER (HE FREAKED)," the former Disney Channel star said, "I just got my truck pimped out. It's got a new horn on it that, like, blasts peoples' faces off."

Paul and two friends, Kyler Steven Fisher and Nathan Speiser, rode around Los Angeles in Paul's car, which was equipped with car horn "capable of producing an unreasonably and exceptionally loud sound," as detailed in the lawsuit.

"Let's scare some people," Paul said after showing his friends how loud the horn was in the video.

They then recorded the rattled reactions of random passersby in Los Angeles after blaring the horn at them, including Barbacoff.


Barbacoff claims in his suit that the trio of men "knew, or should have known" that blaring the horn at him was "outrageous" and would cause him "severe emotional distress."

Photo credit: Instagram / @jakepaul