Meet the 6-Year-Old Making Millions Reviewing Toys on YouTube

While most 6-year-old kids are wasting their time on things like kindergarten, Forbes has discovered one who is busy becoming a multi-millionaire by reviewing toys on YouTube.

Simply going by the moniker "Ryan," Forbes estimates that the young boy may have made as much as $11 million this year alone by playing with toys on his YouTube channel and letting his followers know what his thinks.

The channel Ryan ToysReview appears to be managed by Ryan's parents, who seem to upload a new video almost every day. To date, the child has 10 million subscribers.

Having started two years ago, the channel has quickly become one of the most lucrative ones on all of YouTube. This appears to be due to advertising money as well as sponsored content, as reported by TODAY.

"It's a really interesting phenomenon that really anybody with a camera has this potential,'' Forbes reporter Maddie Berg said. "Of course, not everyone with a camera makes millions of dollars, but there's the potential."

Interestingly, Ryan is also ranked as the top star in his genre of YouTube videos, which are known as "unboxing" videos. Essentially, what happens is the kids or people in the video open up toys, play with them, and give their review to the viewers.


Most all of the toys that Ryan reviews are eventually donated to charity, according to his parents.

Ryan's channel is ranked as the eighth overall for most profitable YouTube channels, with the British gamer DanTDM coming in at number one.