Winn-Dixie Possibly Changing Its Name Over Confederacy Ties

Winn-Dixie is the latest brand to re-examine its racially tinged origins. The supermarket chain, which is based in the Southeast, is considering dropping its name after close to a century in business.

A spokesperson from Winn-Dixie told TMZ on Thursday that the supermarket chain, which is billed as a southern heritage brand, is considering changing its name because the term "Dixie" is being seen as increasingly problematic due to ties with the Confederate-era South. "At Southeastern Grocers, we are committed to cultivating an inclusive culture and community that promotes belonging, inclusion and diversity. As such, we stand against racism and support the Black Lives Matter movement across our country."

Apparently there's no new name in the running yet, though it's expected that changes will be coming to the store very soon. "While our Winn-Dixie banner has proudly served our communities for nearly 100 years, many things have changed during that time, and we have always been and will continue to be responsive to the needs and concerns expressed by the communities we serve."

This news comes on the same day that The Dixie Chicks will also be dropping the d-word from their name as well, and who are now going by simply The Chicks. "We want to meet this moment," a message from Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire and Emily Strayer read on the band's website. An additional statement from the country trio also thanked a New Zealand-based singing duo with the same name for allowing them to share it. "A sincere and heartfelt thank you goes out to 'The Chicks' of NZ for their gracious gesture in allowing us to share their name. We are honored to co-exist together in the world with these exceptionally talented sisters. Chicks Rock! — Emily, Natalie and Martie."

Decisions such as these have been happening more frequently, as civil rights protests continue across the U.S., and much fo the globe, calling for an end to police violence toward minorities. Both Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben brands will be getting a complete overhaul due to their ties to racist minstrel shows of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Hollywood is also getting in on the action, with several cop shows getting canceled (or indefinitely shelved), while the ones that will remain on the air are completely overhauling their approach to acknowledge a drastically changing world.