Wendy's Reveals New Frosty Prices

As the heat of the summer months approach, Wendy’s is giving customers a cheap way to cool down: the 50-cent Frosty.

The famed fast food chain best known for throwing Twitter shade has announced that the price of the beloved chilled drink has been slashed in half, making it the coolest deal to roll around in months.

“The 50¢ Frosty offer is a certified fan favorite and we couldn’t think of a better way to help our customers kick-off the summer,” Kurt Kane, Wendy's executive vice president, chief concept, and marketing officer, said. “We know everyone has their favorite way to enjoy our classic treat and really the only way you can go wrong is by not taking advantage of this great deal, starting May 6.”

The deal had first been rolled out to major success in May of last year, and made a return that August. The current deal is only running for a limited-time, meaning customers should fill themselves with double the Frosty while they can at the discounted price.

The Frosty, one of the original items on the menu when Wendy’s co-founder Dave Thomas opened the first location in 1969, consists of milk, cream, sugar, and cocoa, though the exact formula has long been kept secret.

The treat comes in both vanilla and chocolate varieties, and is described on the fast food chain’s website as a “smooth, thick, sweet dessert masterpiece” that is “thick enough to use a spoon, smooth enough to use a straw, and perfect when enjoyed on the end of a fry.”

More recently, Wendy’s added another Frosty-themed treat to the menu.

In April, the new Frosty Cookie Sundae made its way to menus nationwide. Served in bowls rather than cups, the sugary and cool treat, which comes in either chocolate or vanilla, boasts Frosty that is coupled with a delicious chocolate chunk cookie and topped off with rich Ghirardelli™ Chocolate Sauce.”


According to the fast food chain, the Frosty Cookie Sundae “is everything you crave: sweet, decadent and a true ‘Treat Yoself’ moment.”

The Sundae is only a limited-time menu item, meaning that it will soon be disappearing, though customers headed to the fast food restaurant on Wednesday, May 15 can score the treat for just $1.99 in celebration of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.