Wendy's Takes Aim at Fast Food Rivals With Diss Tracks

Wendy's never-ending quest to dominate social media took a unique turn on Friday when the fast [...]

Wendy's never-ending quest to dominate social media took a unique turn on Friday when the fast food chain surprisingly released a mixed tape. The five tracks feature plenty of digs at its rivals, particularly McDonald's.

The five tracks are all available on Spotify. The titles are "Twitter Fingers," "Holding It Down," "Rest in Grease," "Clownin'," and "4 for $4." According to The Wrap, Wendy's has not revealed how took part in the recording of the tracks or even who the rappers are.

"Rest in Grease" features direct shorts at McDonald's, calling into question their title as king of the American fast food chain market.

"You're No. 1? That's a joke/Why your ice cream machine always broke?/Why your drive-through always slow?/Why your innovation just can't grow?" the track goes. "Them little tweets don't faze me/McDonald's be so lazy/I know the reason you hate me/'Cause I'm fast food's First Lady/It's Queen Wendy up in this thang... Y'all are too chicken for this beef."

"Clownin'" is a minute-and-a-half-long diss track directed at McDonald's mascot Ronald McDonald.

"Don't be silly, you can never mess with this/To beef with me, you don't want to take that risk," the track goes. "Got nothin' to hide, we fresh on the side, but/You hide from funk/That's probably why you go and paint your face."

As TODAY.com points out, "Holding It Down" is an attack on Burger King.

"The problem is you didn't recognize I give no clucks," the rap goes. "So wrap it up, turn these chickens to rubber ducks / And BK, don't think that you got away / You copied my old menu and put it out on replay."

Oddly enough, the original tweet about the mixtape sparked a hilarious conversation between the Wendy's Twitter team and the people behind the MoonPie account. After telling Wendy's how good the tape was, Wendy's replied, "Thank you MoonPie. we can't wait for your jazz album."

"Trumpet is a lot harder than I thought it would be even though it only has three buttons but I am working on it," MoonPie replied.

Wendy's has become the leader in social media burns among fast food chains. However, Wendy's is not the first food brand to make its own mixtape. Back on April Fool's Day 2016, Hamburger Helper went viral with its mixtape on SoundCloud. Titled Watch the Stove, the five-track tape scored over 4 million plays in less than four days, AdWeek reported at the time.

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