Winter Storm Dylan Could Wreck Christmas Travel

According to AAA, nearly 110 million people will be hitting the highways to travel this holiday [...]

According to AAA, nearly 110 million people will be hitting the highways to travel this holiday weekend.

According to the Weather Channel, most all will be impacted by inclement weather.

The record number of people hitting the road will be 3.1 percent higher than last year and many will hit major road blocks as rain, ice and snow will hit popular travel destinations — or at least roads leading to home could be covered.

Snow has already started to fall in the west, as Winter Storm Dylan has laid down in Montana's Glacier National Park. Locations in Idaho and Washington have also reported more than a foot of snow as the wintry mix is moving towards the Great Lakes region.

Early projections are showing that areas in Michigan and Ohio, and subsequently into the northeast and New England could see the tail end of multiple inches of accumulation.

Projections from Accuweather are giving warnings to the Appalachians as well as the Interstate 95 corridor.

Wet weather is expected to continue from Friday night into Saturday as it moves across the country, with areas of New York being impacted before Christmas Eve. Parts of the storm could drop several inches of snow into the Upper Midwest as early as Friday.

Moving into Saturday, the forecast is looking to make travel more difficult as more than six inches of snow could hit New England as well as upstate New York.

The far-reaching impact of the storm will drift south. States like North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia could be impacted by significant rain and wind through the weekend.

Where many may see relief is that the front is expected to pass early and temperatures are projected to raise through Saturday evening into Sunday, before breaking altogether on Monday.

Of those traveling, 97 million will go by car with 6.4 million by plane, and another 3.6 million by train, bus or ship.