Watch Passengers Escape Smoking Passenger Jet After Miami Crash

Passengers began escaping a smoking jet in Miami on Tuesday after the aircraft crashed at the Miami International Airport, and the aftermath was caught on video. According to the Miami Herald, a flight from the Dominican Republic, with 126 people aboard, suffered faulty landing gear, causing it to smash into the airport tarmac after its descent. The plane burst into flames upon crashing, and it's currently reported that three people were injured. 

Bystanders quickly took to filming the incident, and many have shared their footage on social media. The crash could reportedly be seen by commuters on SR-836, a nearby highway, as well as from surface roads in the area. Partial footage of the accident can be viewed below. Other videos can be viewed on Twitter here and here. In some of the footage, passengers can be seen exiting the fiery wreckage and running for safety, while emergency response crews work to help them and put out the fire.

In additional video footage, passengers of the plane filmed the chaos from inside the crash, showing how the flight crew heroically and calmly worked to get everyone off the aircraft and to safety. Filmed from the first-person perspective, a passenger recorded their exit from the plane, with the in-flight crew seen helping everyone down the inflatable slide that expands to allow passengers to escape in the event of a crash. That footage can be seen by clicking here.

Following the incident, Miami International Airport officials issued a statement on Twitter, explaining, "Red Air #203 from Santo Domingo had its landing gear in the nose of the plane collapse, which seems to have caused a fire. @MiamiDadeFire responded & extinguished the fire. Some flights have been delayed as a result. Please follow up with your airline for the latest flight info."

In its social media statement, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue advised, "#MDFR is on scene of an aircraft fire at @iflyMIA. Fire crews have placed the fire under control and are mitigating fuel spillage. All souls on board have been assessed for injuries. A total of 3 patients have been transported to local area hospitals."


Finally, Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava wrote on Twitter, "A plane arriving at @iflyMIA from Santo Domingo, DR caught on fire following a landing gear malfunction. I have just arrived on the scene and am being briefed by @MiamiDadeFire. Three passengers were transported to the hospital with minor injuries."