Watch: Minneapolis Tanker Semi-Truck Speeds Into Protesters Amid George Floyd Demonstration on I-35W Bridge

Minneapolis continues to see unrest amid protests seeking justice for George Floyd after his death in police custody earlier in the week. Several nights of protesting, looting and vandalism preceded the arrest of the officer involved in the death, but it has not slowed down the demonstrations across the nation.

Protesters on the I-35W bridge filled the lanes in a great show of peaceful protest against police and the treatment of members of the black community. Reports estimate around 5,000 to 6,000 protesters filled the bridge on Sunday. Their peace was quickly shattered on Sunday, though, after a semi-truck carrying a tanker full of fuel attempted to slam into people marching. Video shows the protesters disperse as the truck flies into view and nearly hits several protesters. The driver of the vehicle blared his horn as he sped through the protesters before eventually slowing down.

According to reports, the driver of the truck was eventually injured after protesters attacked him and pulled him from the vehicle. The man behind the wheel was also arrested, with the Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz addressing the incident and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety confirming the arrest.

"Very disturbing actions by a truck driver on I-35W, inciting a crowd of peaceful demonstrators," the MnDPS wrote on Twitter. "The truck driver was injured & taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. He is under arrest. It doesn’t appear any protesters were hit by the truck."

Footage on the ground confirms that protesters did pull the man from the vehicle after he came to a stop. No protesters were reported injured thankfully, but the situation shows a scary escalation in anti-protest violence that is seemingly being encouraged by white supremacist groups, anarchist groups, and even the president.


While some attempted to say the protesters pulled the man from the vehicle without any provocation, this was quickly disproven by the fact that the bridge was closed to vehicles due to the protest. Another shocking clip taken by the protesters on the bridge shows that many were sitting peacefully on the ground before the truck barreled through.

This is the second day that protesters had shut down the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis, raising questions with how the truck managed to get through and drive onto the road heavily occupied by the protesters. According to CBS 4 Minnesota, DPS Commissioner John Harrington noted that the driver was on the interstate prior to the incident and that barricades had been in place for the protesters.