Viral TikTok Video Shows iPhone Users How to Schedule Text Messages

TikTok is teaching people how to schedule text messages in advance, and some users are calling the hack "life-changing." The social media platform is famous for passing on viral hacks, and one posted this week from user Frank McShan (@frankmcshan) gives a simple walkthrough of how to use the iPhone's Shortcuts app to schedule messages in advance.

Opening up the Shortcuts app on the iPhone, McShan taps "plus" in the upper corner before going to "create personal automation." Choosing the time of day he'd like to send the message, McShan advises people to then select "message" in the action section of the shortcut before choosing the recipient and writing out their message. One last thing to do before the message is set to send is to disable the "ask before running" toggle switch, and just like that, there's an automated text ready to send.


Did you know you could do this? 🤯

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While some iPhone users with older models might not have access to the setting, others called it "life-changing," talking in the comments about using it in their relationships and for birthday texts. It's not clear if the hack will work on the upcoming iPhone 13, which is expected to be unveiled in September, upgrading a number of features from the latest iPhone 12.

Plenty of rumors about the iPhone 13 have circulated over the past several months, and the Concepts iPhone YouTube channel recently compiled a conceptual trailer using the leaked features. The notch on the iPhone 13 is rumored to be much smaller than that on the iPhone 12, measuring 26.8 mm wide in comparison to the 34.83 notch on the iPhone 12, which will reportedly be achieved by moving the earpiece speaker to the bezel right above the notch itself.


There have also been rumors about the iPhone 13 shipping with a 1TB storage option and a 120Hz ProMotion display for improved scrolling and responsiveness. Another iPhone 13 rumor is that the device will support an Always-On display that will constantly show the clock, battery charge and notifications as they come in. Other rumored features include improved low-light camera performance, Portrait mode support for video, a next-gen A15 processor, more reliable Face ID performance, sensor-shift optical image stabilization, larger battery capacities, and color options including Orange and Rose Pink.