Trump Reportedly Called Kimberly Guilfoyle After She Shouted Her Support for Him in RNC Speech

President Donald Trump allegedly made a special phone call after the Republican National Convention. Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is a former Fox News host and who is also dating Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., gave an "amazing" speech at the Republican National Committee. According to The Daily Beast, Trump gave Guilfoyle a call after she took center stage to compliment her on her "fantastic" remarks in which he called one of the "greatest" speeches he's heard that had "so much energy."

The 74-year-old president also reportedly compared her to Eva "Evita" Perón, who is the former first lady of Argentina. According to PEOPLE, a White House spokesman was not the one that commented on the alleged private conversation. The 51-year-old made headlines after her speech and was recognized via social media by both those in her favor and those not; however, she didn't fail to show her support for the president, as she encouraged Republicans to stand firm.

While noting her opinions on Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris, she ended with encouraging words saying, "You are capable! You are qualified! You are powerful and you have the ability to choose your life and determine your destiny!" she said before calling out the opposing party, "Don't let the Democrats take you for granted. Don't let them step on you." She concluded, "The best is yet to come!"

With protests still in full swing across the country as the Black Lives Matter movement continues to educate and spread awareness, with hopes of making positive change, Trump has been the center of controversy in the meantime. Recently, the president announced that he would try and provide millions of dollars in funding to the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, following the police shooting of Jacob Blake.


"I'm committed to helping Kenosha rebuild," he announced on Tuesday. "We will provide $1 million to the Kenosha law enforcement so that you have some money to go out and do what you have to do. I'm also providing nearly $4 million to support the small businesses that I talked about today that got burned up, burned down. And we're going to be providing over $42 million to support public safety statewide, including direct support for law enforcement and funding for additional prosecutors to punish criminals, and resources to provide services to victims of crime."

Since the killing of George Floyd, protests have erupted across the world as people speak out against police brutality, so much so, some are wanting the police departments wholly defunded. According to PEOPLE, Biden's platform does not include that proposal.