Elle Macpherson’s Nutritionist Spills Exactly What She Eats In A Day

They don't call runway veteran Elle Macpherson "The Body" for nothing. These days the OG supermodel spends less time in front on camera and more on building her wellness empire starting with WelleCo., her own supplement brand.

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As for how Macpherson maintains that famous physique, she's evangelical about the alkaline diet, which means steering clear of red meat, wheat, dairy, sugar, and processed food. The idea is to create the optimal pH balance in the body because an acidic environment harbors disease (and can be blamed for low energy, weight gain, digestion problems, and cravings). It's a lifestyle she learned from her longtime nutritional doctor Simoné Laubscher, MD.

Redbook spoke with Laubscher to get a beginner's course on the alkaline diet. Laubscher recommends maintaining an 80/20 balance–"try to eat clean" 80 percent of the week–swapping white rice for quinoa or amaranth or steak for fish, for instance–then 20 percent of the week (or one and a half days) you're free to eat takeout, drink wine, eat ice cream, or whatever you prefer. "Pure alkaline would be too tricky," Laubscher explains, "It's about trying to have whole foods that come from nature. We can't all live on smoothies, we can't all do yoga 24/7 and hold down a job." Amen.

Laubscher didn't just make an alkaline body sound easy, she proved it by giving ELLE.com a day's worth of eats on an alkaline diet, including Macpherson's favorite meals.

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Breakfast: Egg omelette, heaps of spinach, avocado.

This kind of breakfast is usually reserved for a day when Macpherson has a packed schedule and can't stop for lunch at the usual time. Another favorite: flaxseed pudding made with almond milk and berries.

Lunch: Salmon with lemon, olive oil, beetroot salad, and pearl barley.

"This is one of her favorite options," Laubscher says, "She is a very big fish girl; she eats hardly any chicken or meat."

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To see what Elle Macpherson eats for dinner and snacks (plus her favorite smoothie!) click here!

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