Statue of Liberty Evacuated After Construction Fire

The Statue of Liberty was reportedly evacuated on Monday morning as a construction fire flared up on Liberty Island.

Visitors inside the massive monument were suddenly rushed outside at around noon, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter. A spokesman for the park, Jerry Willis, told the outlet that a propane fire had erupted in a construction area nearby on Liberty Island.

Willis called the evacuation a precaution, and later said that the flames were completely extinguished within an hour. Still, tourists were guided to a plaza on the island, where they waited until ferries arrived. The visitors were taken back to the island of Manhattan.

One construction worker on the scene was hurt by the flames, according to Willis. However, it was a minor injury and he was treated on the spot. The Fire Department of New York gave live updates on its official Twitter account, stating that three propane tanks appeared to be at the root of the accident.

As for the visitors, all were reportedly evacuated without issue. It is unclear how many people were on Liberty Island at the time, but all were unharmed as they rode the boat back to New York City.

This is the second full evacuation of Liberty Island this summer, the first one coming on the Fourth of July. At the time, a protester somehow scaled the stone base of the massive monument, stirring a panic and posing a threat to the other visitors. Police cleared the area at once, and sent officers and negotiators up on cables to retrieve the woman, who refused to come down for most of the afternoon.

The protester was about 150 feet in the air, according to most estimates. She scaled the pedestal completely unaided, and took a seat right underneath Lady Liberty's raised heel.


The protester was identified as 44-year-old Patricia Okoumou. Like many other at the monument on Independence Day, she was protesting President Trump's family separation and immigration policies. Later, she appeared in court wearing a green dress that mocked Melania Trump's infamous jacket, reading "I really care why won't u?" on the back. It also had "be best" painted on it as well.

Okoumou was charged with trespassing, interference with agency functions and disorderly conduct, according to a report by The Hill.