Online Streamer Admits to Killing a Dog During Gaming Session

A popular online streamer is facing backlash after she admitted during a live stream that she had purposefully killed a dog.

On Tuesday, online gamer Simone Scott, who is better known online as “Aqua,” appeared on Twitch, an Amazon-owned platform where people can make money broadcasting themselves playing video games, the New York Post reports. During the interview, which included two other gamers, host Rajj Patel asked what the worst thing they had ever done was, to which Scott admitted to killing a dog.

“I used to work as a veterinary technician, so I once killed someone’s dog on purpose,” Scott confessed.

The confession shocked the other gamers and Patel, who pried for clarification, to which Scott responded by saying “Yeah, but no one knew because, you know, I’m a professional.”

While Scott dryly added that “it was an accident” at Patel’s encouraging, she later added that the dog’s owner had it coming, stating “It was a really bad person, so…”

Following the confession, Patel took to Twitter stating “The abuse of animals is completely unacceptable and morally reprehensible. The individual involved was removed as a result and will never be welcome on my platform again. I’m really upset about it and can’t believe that anybody would have the capacity to do something like that.”

Scott’s confession has been met with a swift wave of backlash, Twitch’s chat room being flooded with angry users. Some users have even claimed that they plan on reporting Scott for the confession.


Scott, who went offline after the Twitch interview, briefly made a return to Twitter on Wednesday, writing “You would think this community would know how to recognize a troll when they see one.”

She hasn’t responded to requests for comment. Twitch has also refrained from commenting.