Ron Jeremy Arrest: Dozens of More Women Accuse Adult Filmmaker of Rape, Sexual Assault

Several more women have come forward with new stories of alleged rape and sexual assault by porn actor Ron Jeremy. The 67-year-old was charged by prosecutors in Los Angeles, California in June after four women accused him of similar actions.

In the days that followed his arrest, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department received 30 additional allegations dating back 20 years, according to the Los Angeles Times. Some of the allegations involving potential charges that could range from misdemeanor sexual battery to rape were also made. One of the accusers, Lianne Young, said that most people were indifferent when she told others of her alleged assault. "People were just like, 'That’s Ron,'" Young said.

As many others claimed, Jeremy would often leverage his stature and fame in the pornography industry in similar instances. Adult entertainer Elle Hell was told to keep quiet in 2014 after she said Jeremy attacked her in Chicago. Hell alleges that Jeremy forced oral sex on her and tried to rape her, despite the fact she was crying and kept telling him no. "You have everyday citizens who are already excusing and validating his sexual assaults because we work in an industry where we are 'whores,'" Hell said.

Following Jeremy's arrest in June, his talent agency Golden Artists Entertainment dropped him from their roster. Dante Rusciolelli, his former agent, provided details on why Golden Artists Entertainment decided to part ways with him. Especially after they stood beside him back in 2017 when other sexual assault charges were leveled against him. This time, Rusciolelli told The Hollywood Reporter that "we were not given any proof of his innocence" like they were before. He added that they all hope the allegations aren’t true but that if they are, "we hope that he is prosecuted." If convicted, Jeremy could face up to 90 years in prison with potentially a life sentence.

Jeremy has already begun to declare that the charges aren't true. He tweeted that he is innocent and "can't wait to prove my innocence in court." The Boondock Saints star had previously denied the allegations made against him in 2017, telling Rolling Stone that all claims against him were "pure lies or buyers remorse." He added: "I have never and would never rape anyone. I have never been charged nor spent one day in court for any of this."