Queen Elizabeth Mocks G7 Leaders on Camera in Funny Moment

Queen Elizabeth II poked a bit of fun at the G7 leaders during the recent summit. At one point during the event, the leaders, which included President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, posed for a socially distanced photo with one another. The snap has since sparked numerous jokes and memes. But, as Deadline noted, the Queen herself also joked about the moment.

The leaders within the G7, which is an inter-governmental political forum that is comprised of leaders of the member countries and the European Union, gathered on Friday morning to take part in the annual event. In addition to Biden and Trudeau, the other leaders included President Emmanuel Macron from France, Prime Minister Mario Draghi from Italy, Chancellor Angela Merkel from Germany, Prime Minister Boris Johnson from the United Kingdom, Charles Michel (the President of the European Council for the European Union), and Ursula von der Leyen (the President of the European Commission of the European Union). Queen Elizabeth was also on hand for the event, as the G7 summit took place in Cornwall in the United Kingdom. As a result, she posed for a photo with the leaders.

The moment in question happened to be a little awkward, especially for the Queen. BBC News noted that when they were taking the photo, all of the leaders posed with some distance between them in order to maintain their safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though they were posing in such a way with their safety in mind, it did appear somewhat awkward. Queen Elizabeth even took note of the awkwardness, as she quipped to Prime Minister Johnson while they were having their photo taken, "Are you supposed to be looking as if you're enjoying yourself?" In turn, he replied, as the crowd laughed at the monarch's question, "Yes, definitely. We have been enjoying ourselves, in spite of appearances."


Deadline reported that several late-night TV hosts followed the Queen's lead by joking about the photo. Stephen Colbert looked at the image and joked, "Before I order these [action] figures, does anyone know if you can take them out and play with them or are they glued to the display stand?" Jimmy Fallon took things in a different direction, as he compared the photo to "the choose your player part of a law firm video game."