Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Sit in Second Row for Queen Elizabeth's Funeral

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were not seated in the front row during Queen Elizabeth II's funeral on Monday. The couple participated in the ceremony along with the rest of the royal family, but when it came time to sit down in the pews they were directly behind King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla. Some fans thought this was a subtle slap in the face for the Sussexes.

Prince Harry and Markle could be seen walking down the aisle behind the queen's coffin with the rest of the royal family on Monday, and they certainly participated in the ceremony in some ways. However, viewers couldn't help but notice that they didn't make the front row. The first row of seats was occupied by the new king and the rest of the queen's children – Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. The new heir, William, Prince of Wales and his family were seated in the front as well, according to a report by Us Weekly.

Of course, some questions about the seating arrangment and other factors of the funeral were inevitable. Depending on whether you consider this a family event or a government event, it makes sense that the queen's children were in the front row, and that those in the line of succession were there as well. However, many admirers believe that Prince Harry had a unique relationship with the queen and that he was somehow sleighted in this arrangement.

A source close to the royal family said that it was up to Prince William to decide whether Prince Harry and Markle would be invited to greet mourners in Windsor earlier this month after the queen passed away. They said: "In the end, [William] elected to [invite them] because it was agreed amongst all of them that this very much the appropriate thing to do."

Royal commentators are still split over how much involvement Prince Harry and Markle should have in royal affairs since they voluntarily stepped down from their duties in 2020. The retain their titles but not their income or jobs in royal organizations. They now live full-time in California, and they have been critical of the royal family and staff since leaving the palace.


Thankfully, everything between the family seemed peaceful and mutually supportive during this difficult time. The queen's funeral was held on Monday in London, England, and it's not clear how long Prince Harry and Markle will remain in the U.K.