President Donald Trump's Hand Placement During Former President George H.W. Bush's Funeral Sparks Controversy

President Donald Trump raised another controversy at former president George H.W. Bush's funeral on Wednesday, as many thought he failed to place his hand over his heart.

Eagle-eyed viewers condemned President Donald Trump this week after he seemed to have his hand at his side during the ceremony. Some images show the president in a relaxed posture while other officials and dignitaries around him have their hands over their hearts. However, according to a report by Snopes, he did raise his hand during other appropriate times.

President Trump reportedly placed his hand over his heart as Bush's casket passed by his pew, and placed it there again as the casket left the Washington National Cathedral.

Moreover, the report notes that the president was not the only one whose hand was at his side during the procession -- though he was the only one in the first row. It also notes that this is more of a social slip-up than a breach of specific decorum, as the hand over the heart is a voluntary sign of respect.

Still, for many viewers, this was just more evidence of the current president's disrespect for his predecessors. On Twitter, outraged users fumed over a few screenshots where the president was the only one in sight with his hand lowered.

"You never need to hear how well-behaved Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Carter are at a funeral," one person pointed out. "Trump NEVER seems to know that you put your hand over your heart? Everyone in the room knows. Even KIDS know this. WTF?"

"Wow, Trump without his hand over his heart," added another.

As always, however, some came to his defense as well.

"If you fast forwarded 20 seconds he has his hand over his heart," someone noted. "This day is about George Bush it's supposed to be a day of remembrance and coming together. Don't take a cheap shot at Trump because he waited a few seconds. today isn't about him. show some respect for the loss."

The president has much more to worry about than missed social cues at this point. The special counsel investigation led by Robber Mueller made sentencing filings on Friday for the President Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen. According to a report by CNN, this included a memo explaining that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort — who has also been indicted — broke the terms of his plea agreement.


All in all, many experts feel that the investigation is closing in on an indictment for the president himself. Only time will tell, however, and meanwhile the president continues to defend himself on Twitter.