Photos From the Path of 'Bomb Cyclone' Show Intense Effects of Storm

With the amount of coverage the "bomb cyclone" got before it hit on Thursday, the photos and videos taken during after the storm are still astounding.

The bomb cyclone, or "bombogenesis," dropped snow from Florida to Maine, and left a bone-chilling cold in its wake that was, in some cases, record-breaking. It also brought hurricane-strength winds, especially to the north east, and many coastal areas in New England experienced devastating floods followed by freezing temperatures that coated roadways in ice.

Southern states got a rare taste of snowfall that was welcome for some — especially the kids who got a snow day from school. However, the storm ushered in a cold front that the south wasn't quite prepared for. Temperatures were well below freezing even in places like Florida. Atlanta saw a low of 23 degrees while Raleigh, North Carolina, clocked in at 14 degrees — tying its coldest temperature from 130 years ago.

Many journalists and photographers braved the storm, and news outlets have been publishing harrowing photos and videos of the wreckage since Thursday.


So far, seven deaths have been reported in relation to the bomb cyclone.