Parents Allegedly Filmed Abuse of 3-Year-Old Found in Concrete

The parents of a 3-year-old Kansas boy whose body was found encased in concrete allegedly filmed the toddler’s abuse.

According to a newly released police affidavit, Miranda Miller and her live-in boyfriend, Stephen Bodine, kept time-stamped video footage of the abuse they subjected 3-year-old Evan Brewer to prior to his murder, PEOPLE reports.

One video, time-stamped March 12, the footage shows the toddler lying nude on the floor with his arms and hands behind his back. The video also depicts Brewer having a leather belt around his neck.

A second video image time-stamped for that same day shows the 3-year-old standing “on a piece of cardboard atop wooden pallets on a concrete floor next to a concrete wall” as he wears a metal chain.

“Here you go tough smart guy. Think you can hear me coming now? Think you are so smart? I betcha you can’t. I bet you you’re not,” a voice that is suspected to be Bodine’s can be heard saying in the video.

Brewer’s remains were found in September by a landlord who was cleaning the home after Miller and Bodine had been evicted. The remains were later identified to be Brewer’s, who had been missing since July.


During the investigation, authorities discovered that Miller had purchased concrete mix and a trowel on May 26. It is alleged that there is another video depicting abuse time-stamped for five days before that.

Both Miller and Bodine have been charged in connection with Brewer’s murder. Neither have entered a plea. They are currently being held without bond.